The Rijksmuseum Bulletin

The Rijksmuseum Bulletin
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Volume 59 (2011)/2

A special edition of The Rijksmuseum Bulletin that includes an essay entitled A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Edgar Degas Inspired by Rembrandt, by Jenny Reynaerts (senior curator of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century paintings at the Rijksmuseum and curator of the Rembrandt and Degas: Two Young Artists exhibition), and Stella Versluis-Van Dongen (researcher for the exhibition).

The Rijksmuseum Bulletin is the English-language academic journal of the Rijksmuseum, published quarterly. It offers scholarly articles contributing to the historical and art-historical research of the collections of the Rijksmuseum to an international audience of curators, scholars, students, art professionals, and enthusiasts.

The Rijksmuseum Bulletin is published by the Rijksmuseum Publications Department.

Editors: Jan de Hond, Jenny Reynaerts, Marijn Schapelhouman

Printing: POS | PRESS, Zwolle